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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

He Said a Mouthful

This is why I love blogs. Every once in a while you hit upon something that goes "DING!" that sets you thinking. Today's winner is:

May I have another sir? at Totem to Temple.
The fraternity, like the church, is a social institution that has survived and survived no matter how many pledges went through the hazing process to be accepted. The pledge, like the church member, is an example of human nature where the craving to feel wanted, accepted, and loved is the driving force that people will sell out their sanity to become ‘one of them. Like the pledge who will swim a frozen river naked, we have Christians who will do various forms of spiritual hazing in the form of abuse and insanity to belong. From selling out a clear orthodox fundamental belief to endosing a Christian megatrend because it’s a cool thing to do, the parallels are the same. A fraternity pledge sold out values to become the chosen ones.

Read the whole thing. Ponder. Discuss...
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