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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Contemplating My Navel

(Otherwise known as the obligatory belly button lint post.)

Elsewhere there is a continuing debate about blog aggregators and whether or not it is right and proper to aggregate blogs without the blogger's knowledge or consent. I believe that is the crux of the matter, but I'm not really following it.

I'm contemplating my navel instead.

Well I am 28 weeks pregnant (that's seven months, yow) after all, and my navel isn't as dull and boring as it once was. There's a lot going on in that general vicinity these days.

For example, I never realized how visible all that "fetal activity" is from the outside. It's a rather strange thing to see one's belly shift from left to right, and ripple, or pulsate with repeated kicks and jabs. When the little one really gets going it almost reminds me of watching the foil bubble of a Jiffy Pop popcorn pan as it expands on the stove. (Anyone but me remember Jiffy Pop, the original precursor to microwave popcorn? Yeah, I know, I'm old!)

Interestingly enough (to me, maybe not you) my belly button hasn't popped out like a turkey timer yet. This may be due to the fact that my belly has always been somewhat comfortably upholstered. Which is my nice way of expressing my worry that my belly won't be as cute as other preggo bellies because it was somewhat pudgy to start off with. So my belly button is still decidedly "innie" which is okay with me, because I've never been particularly interested in being an "outie". I'm told there's still time for it to change and pop out, but secretly I'm kind of hoping it doesn't.

I'm so vain.

One good thing about having a pregnant navel is that navel hygeine is greatly simplified - there just isn't much room for lint to collect there. Not that I was ever in the habit of letting lint collect there. I tend to think that linty navels really ought to be avoided in general.

Don't you? I thought so.
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