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Thursday, August 25, 2005


So they managed to pull it off, my friends and family caught me off guard even though I was expecting a baby shower any minute.

I have to confess I was getting a little panicky as time passed, because the days are flying and here we were without so much as a single diaper on hand. I had to resist the temptation to go out and start getting stuff myself, knowing that there was a shower in the works. The urge to go on a shopping rampage for onesies, booties and hats dominated my thoughts last week. Maybe it was a nesting thing, or the precursor to it, but it was awfully hard to ignore.

Thankfully they didn't keep me waiting any longer, and our family and friends really blessed us with all sorts of wonderful stuff. Maybe we were a little too blessed, given the number of loads of baby laundry I ended up doing this week. I know, I probably should have waited to unpack and wash everything, but once we got home there was no holding me back. So everything's been inventoried, washed and put away, sorted by size and type of garment. There must be some sort of gestational form of obsessive compulsive disorder that causes a pregnant woman to compulsively fold, then re-fold, and re-sort and re-organize baby clothes. I'm convinced there is, because I've got it bad.

Among my favorites is a white onesie given to me by my sister. I'll let the picture speak for itself:

Just wish they made them in adult sizes... :)

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