Feeble Knees

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Giving Thanks

Dear Lord, thank you so much for:
  1. Another year of knowing You
  2. Providing all our needs
  3. Giving us tender hearts for one another
  4. Helping us resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully
  5. Our health
  6. Our extended family
  7. Our old friends
  8. Our new friends
  9. A safe place to call home
  10. Our food & provisions
  11. A peaceful election
  12. Our freedom
  13. Our two kitties who are still doing so well, though they're old
  14. My dad getting to see the Red Sox win the World Series in his lifetime
  15. Everything else I won't say here, but that you know in my heart.
Thank you for knowing my heart, and my thoughts afar off. Thank you for your mercy, patience, comfort, correction, providence, strength, wisdom, peace, compassion, and most of all your forgiveness.

If you never did anything more for me than to die on the cross to pay for my sins, it would still be reason to proclaim your goodness forever.

May we all have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving day, remembering the One who has given us so much.
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