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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Blogroll Updates

Like IreneQ, I feel it is somehow inappropriate to write about anything other than the SE Asian tragedy. However, again this morning I find myself wondering what on earth to say so I did a bit of housekeeping instead. I've updated the God Blogs blogroll by adding some blogs that I've been reading for some time, and a few others I've just started reading. They always seem to have something genuine and thought provoking to offer, and even if we disagree on something, I truly enjoy reading their points of view.

The new additions are, in alphabetical order:

I've alphabetized the God Blogs blogroll as well. Generally these are the folks I read on a daily basis using Firefox's live bookmarks feature. I've learned a lot from them and continue to enjoy hearing about their experiences as we all travel down the road of life and faith.

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