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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Post that Wouldn't Be Written

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) would have been very handy about ten minutes ago when our second blackout in 12 hours just wiped out the post I was writing. Of course I've been putting off writing it since this morning, but now I can say with great satisfaction that it's the fault of my local electric company, not my personal gift for procrastination, that this post didn't get written.

What's been on my mind is the timeline of a church-leaver. While it may seem abrupt to some, a person who leaves a church family after being a faithful member for years doesn't happen overnight. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't necessarily mean the person is in deep unredeemable sin. What amazes me to this day is that too many pastors don't seem to want to know what it is that's sending their flock running for the hills.

I should have known this morning that this would never get written today, because instead of just opening a blank page and writing, I decided to fiddle with my template instead. It's all over when I start to fiddle folks. I can kill three or four hours fiddling. And so I did. It was a handy-dandy way to dodge the subject pressing on my mind.

After turning this site into a complete garbled mess (stupid extra spaces in the <div> tags!) and fixing it again, I should have turned to writing. This gave way to an irresistible urge to surf other blogs instead, maybe in the hopes of finding something else to write about. Then when I finally do set about to start putting fingers to keyboard, Whammo! I'm sitting in the dark yelling "Aaaaarghhhh!"

Perhaps it's just not time yet to air this one out. Perhaps it was going in the wrong direction and Divine Intervention came along and pulled the plug. More often than not I end up asking God to protect me from my own best intentions, so maybe this falls under that category. It wouldn't be the first time I've been saved from myself.

Whatever the reason, I guess it's just time to shelve it for now and see if it goes anywhere tomorrow.

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