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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

Repeat after me boys and girls: Never assume. It makes an a** out of "u" and "me"!

In my effort to improve the overall look & experience here at Feeble Knees, I spent the morning looking for a good hack for expanding/hiding long posts. Well I found one, and it looked like it would give me exactly what I was after. Well, it turned into a bit of a mess really. Apologies to anyone who tried to access the site this morning. It was an adventure for sure.

Note to all hackers: please make sure that you're not typing open caret, space, div when you create a div tag. It makes things way too exciting when trusting people like me just copy & paste your little masterpiece. Also, make sure you don't leave a space between your function name and the parens (i.e. "functionName ()") This will not have the desired effect at all.

I should know better, and I should have paid more attention when I did the C&P. I guess that makes me as sloppy as the person who wrote the hack! Things are still not quite right, (notice the relatively amusing but useless "expand post" and "collapse post" links below) Hopefully that will be fixed shortly!

UPDATE: Almost there...if I can just get the "collapse post" link to come out of hiding!
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