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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Worthy Re-Reads

Hugh Hewitt wonders what modern novels are worth re-reading (hat tip: Evangelical Outpost.) Here is a partial list of the books that I've read two or more times, and I keep finding myself going back to them over and over again. Ok, some of them are neither novels nor modern... Tough cookies!

Books I want to read again, but sadly are still packed in boxes in the basement until we can get some more bookcases:
And finally, books that make me want to throw them against the wall, because every stinkin' time I open them, they have something to say about something I'd rather not think about:

  • The Christian in Complete Armor - William Gurnall (Careful with this one, it's industrial strength. You won't be left standing. I don't think I made it through book III. I am a worm!)
  • The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis (Hate to think I fall for the tricks so easily!)
  • The Writing Life - Annie Dillard (I was hoping this book would convince me I have no business being a writer. It didn't. Argh!)
That's a woefully incomplete list, but those are the books that first came to mind. What books do you read over and over (other than the Bible?)

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