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Saturday, January 01, 2005

BK, Bogart, Capra, Stooges and Cocoa

Because we are born proctrastinators, Mr. F and I spent part of New Year's Eve running around to stores looking for last minute Christmas gifts.

It was a bit of a race against time. To our dismay, most stores were closing up shop at 6 pm. I find it interesting that they're open on Christmas day nowadays, but boy they don't mess with New Year's. Anway, we came up with scratch, which is a small problem because we are to exchange gifts with some friends tomorrow. Maybe we can get them some Penzoil and a bag of cheese doodles from 7-11?

By the time 6:00 rolled around we were twenty minutes from home and starving so we stoped at good old Burger King. Yup. The girl who likes to make her own bread and cook turkey for twenty celebrated in style with a Whopper Jr. After all, who likes to be predictable? Gotta admit, the fries were darn tasty.

We came home, made some cocoa and settled in to watch The Maltese Falcon (neither one of us had ever seen it), You Can't Take it With You (I loved the original play by Moss Hart, but the movie, eh, not so much), and the Three Stooges. It has become semi-tradition that we watch the Stooges marathon on New Year's, but with one caveat: we will not watch the Curly Joe episodes! :-P

It was a good night, curled up at home with our senior kitty taking his customary place between us on the couch. I was very sad to realize that this could be kitty's last new year. He's seen so many, about twenty one or more, as far as we can estimate. But I'm so glad he's still with us today, and we'll be happy together up till the very end.

I look back more now than I ever look forward at New Year's. Given all that has happened in Asia I don't want to look ahead. I cringe from the news and the revised death tolls. We eat and drink and tuck ourselves in at night and still my mind aches, thinking of what's transpiring half a world away.

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