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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I must be in a mood today

But I can't let this go.

I can't decide whether it's better for everyone to just ignore Fred Phelps or confront him at every stunt he tries to pull. It was bad enough when he and his twisted tribe came to my home state a couple weeks ago to protest outside high school graduations and schools.

The latest? He's going to protest all public funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq to let the world know that the soldiers were killed by God, as a way to punish America for the bombing of Phelp's church six years ago.

Can't somebody get this sicko declared mentally unstable and put him away?? It shouldn't be too hard to get a formal diagnosis, the man is quite obviously delusional at best. Not to get all McCarthyist, but can you think of a more un-American activity than dishonoring a faithful, fallen soldier's funeral!?!?!?

HT: Michelle Malkin
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