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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maybe I'm Not a Wimp?

I was starting to think for a while there that I was a big doughy mess and so out of shape that it was no wonder motherhood was kicking my soft and saggy posterior. Now I'm not so sure.

I started to realize a couple weeks ago that what I'm experiencing physically goes a little beyond the average post-partum tiredness. It didn't seem normal to have pain shoot through the arches of my feet when I got out of bed after sleeping three or four hours. It didn't seem normal that my hair was clogging the drain every time I took a shower. And it didn't seem at all normal that several weeks ago I had to start wearing wrist braces because of the pain and weakness in my wrists.

The last straw came the night of the Superbowl, when I was trying to tidy up around the kitchen. I took some stale bread outside to toss it out on the grass for the birds. Just the slight, simple motion of tossing the bread sent sharp searing pain through both wrists. The pain subsided somewhat to an intense burning sensation. Ibuprofen did nothing to help, and I started having trouble lifting Bug.

Ok. Not normal.

Called my doctor the next morning and was lucky enough to be seen the same day. She ordered blood work. I'm due to see her again later this week. As it stands now, most of the results appear normal (rheumatoid factor, etc.) but my sed rate is "minimally high". This could be because I'm still just four months post-partum, or it could mean something else.

We shall see...
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