Feeble Knees

Thursday, January 12, 2006


At two a.m. my eyes flew open. Silence. I resisted the urge to go check on Bug. That lasted about twenty minutes.

By the glow of the night light I could see him sleeping peacefully, his little chest rising and falling so slightly with each breath. The little fidgety hands were relaxed and still.

Still asleep.


I tip-toed back to bed, hardly daring to breathe for fear of waking him up. I pulled the covers up and wondered if he'd start crying in five, ten or twenty minutes. Probably wasn't worth it to go back to bed at this point.

4:00 a.m. Four??

Mentally I ticked off the number of hours since we finally got him to go to sleep at ten thirty. I re-checked my math on my fingers. Wow. Should I go check? It was getting hard for me to sleep now, seeing as he hadn't nursed in six hours now, and I was getting uncomfortably full.

I closed my eyes.

4:45 a.m.

I bounded out of bed at the sound of the first little cry. Still groggy, his head turned this way and that as if to shake off the sleep. "Hey buddy," I purred. His eyes went wide and wandered around the room before settling on my face, whereupon he broke into a big wide happy grin.

hullo mama!

Hello baby. I love you too...
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