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Friday, December 23, 2005

Where am I?

Who am I? What day is it? I have a blog??

OK, so it was never my intention to neglect this blog so badly. It was also never my intention to not keep a journal of my son's first days, weeks and months.

You know what they say about best intentions.

Bug will be exactly twelve weeks old tomorrow. I am astounded that twelve weeks seem to have passed when I was busy changing a diaper. At least that's how fast it seems to have flown. Never in my life has so much time and so many things happened so quickly.

That nurse's observation way back in October that Bug was indeed a "cuddle bug" was not only spot-on, it was prophetic. This child would be still physically attached to me by choice if he could be, I'm convinced. It's very charming, in a brain-bending, sleep depriving and psychologically exhausting way. But I say that in love. :)

True, I love this little guy in ways and emotional, spiritual dimensions I never knew existed before. To say there is a deep connection between a parent and a child is like saying a fish kind of needs water to live in. I don't know that there are words in the English language that adequately convey the power of the relationship between parent and child. I never could have imagined this before, that's for sure.
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