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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Soundtrack of My Mind

My brain has the habit of generating a background soundtrack to my life. Words, phrases, situations, and certain people seem to cue certain songs to loop through the back of my mind until they gradually make themselves heard in the forefront of my consciousness and I become aware of them.

I'm a little nervous about the collection of songs going round in the jukebox of my mind the last few days. On paper, it doesn't look very good...

Here they are, in the approximate order in which they manifested themselves in my poor tired head:

I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones (enough said!)
Shattered - The Rolling Stones (This one was particularly common in the first few weeks during late night diaper changes. Sha-dooby, shattered, shattered!)
Tie Your Mother Down - Queen (first noticed this when Bug went down for a light nap at four in the afternoon and I was sprinting for the shower in the hopes that I might actually get a chance to really bathe for the first time in more than 36 hours).
Stay Up Late - Talking Heads ("Cute cute, little baby, don't you wanna make him stay up late?")
Helter Skelter - The Beatles (or U2's live version, whichever you prefer; this was added to the playlist at some point during an all night crying, peeing, pooping session that just wouldn't end.)

I wish I could say I have hymns running through my mind, that in the quiet hours of darkness I am gently humming soothing refrains like "Yes Jesus Loves Me" to little Bug. I'd hoped I'd be that kind of Mommy, but perhaps I should have set my expectations more in line with the quirky person I know myself to be.

Mr. F suggested I put these together as an iTunes post-punk mommy playlist. I just might...
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