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Monday, September 26, 2005

Nice Call

Some other women I know think I'm a little strange for being a bit of a sports nut. It's true I am a bit of a fanatic, and I do enjoy watching games and following my teams. But it's as much for the human element as anything else.

I told Mr. F once that if anyone says they love Shakespeare, but can't be bothered with sports, then that person is a fraud. Shakespeare would have loved a good football game, or a seven-game baseball championship series. Great human dramas and comic farces alike play themselves out on and off the field, and for those willing to dig a little deeper than the box scores, incredible stories are waiting to be found.

New England lost more than just an offensive coordinator when Mr. Charles Weis departed for Notre Dame, I knew it when he first left, and I didn't need this story to convince me. I was sad to see him go, but happy for the opportunity it afforded him, because he worked hard for my team and deserved a big break of his own. While I still miss seeing him on the sidelines, I'll never again feel bad about him leaving us to go to Notre Dame. Turns out it was a lot more important for him to be there for one little boy and his family.

Read the story here: Nice Call

Football is just a game. But what happened on the field during Notre Dame's first possession this past Saturday was bigger than life. And I'll never forget it so long as I live.

Bravo Coach Weis. Bravo Notre Dame Fighting Irish. But Montana made the call. Nice call indeed.
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