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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Kudos to Apple

After the Asian Tsunami, Amazon.com replaced their entire home page with a page devoted to the Red Cross relief effort. I'm kind of depressed to see they're not doing that now. Granted they did put a small Red Cross link in the upper right corner of their home page. It just doesn't seem on a par with their efforts back in December and January, and that's too bad.

Just got some welcome spam from Apple's iTunes Music Store - they have replaced the main music store page with links that you can use to make an instant donation to the Red Cross. Nicely done Apple. Now, if only other Web retailers would follow suit and do the same...

UPDATE 9/2/05
Someone must have gotten through to Jeff Bezos and company - Amazon has now posted a large Red Cross graphic & donation link in the center of their home page. Good to see.

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