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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Not Alone...

I guess I wasn't alone in my thinking...

Bob over at CrosSwords was asking the same sorts of questions a few days ahead of me. Bob and other bloggers from the US and around the world are participating in today's Blog For Relief event being hosted by The Truth Laid Bear.

Glenn Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin and others are leading the charge on Katrina blogging... please visit them if you get a chance for more information on where and how you can help.

Utterly depressing news: A local Boston radio station is reporting that the evacuation of thousands of elderly, sick, infirm and homeless refuges from the Superdome in New Orleans has been halted because some sickos are shooting at the rescue helicopters as they try to land. I can't describe the level of disgust I feel as I type these words, how deeply shamed. Please pray for the safety of the rescuers, the police, the national guard troops, the medical personnel, Red Crooss and other relief workers and volunteers who are putting their own lives in jeopardy to help. Please pray for their protection! (Just saw confirmation of the report here, the AP is confirming shots were fired, and that the situation at the Superdome is rapidly deteriorating.)

Michelle from South Africa commented on yesterday's post that there hasn't been much coverage of the disaster in the news where she lives. I wondered if that was the case, if perhaps it really wasn't being reported very much in other parts of the world. Perhaps there is somewhat of an attitude that the US should be able to take care of its own, why should anyone else bother themselves about it? I suppose if I might even hold the same view if I was born and raised somewhere else and had observed the US from the outside over the years.

And it may even be so - Americans are doing what they can, especially as the scope of the disaster becomes more clear. Still, it is heartening to hear that people around the world are at least touched in their hearts by what folks are going through, that they're praying.... these poor devastated folks need your prayers.
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