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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bug in a Sling

Good news, I think I might have found something that might make it possible for me to post again on a semi-regular basis. I've got Bug's butt in a sling!

A friend stopped by today to drop off her old baby sling. I'd been commiserating with her about how Bug is so very cuddly, which in itself is very wonderful, but not real conducive to getting anything done. This child would be happy being held in someone's arms 24/7. Usually that someone is me. And while I treasure much of the time we spend cuddling, there hasn't been much time or opportunity for me to do anything else. Yes I know, "we should just put him down". Well that works for about thirty seconds. Yes, I know, "we should just let him cry it out". Well, I'm not ashamed to admit right now that completely contrary to all I said or thought before, I'm not able to do that just yet. Maybe when he isn't quite so small and a little less helpless.

I wonder what we'd think if God just decided to let us "cry things out"? I think in some ways some times He does, but never with a brand new baby Christian. Those are the ones whose prayers get answered instantaneously it seems, because He knows they need to learn that when they cry out to Him, He's already there and taking care of them. Then older ones (myself included) eventually get to an age where He knows we can wait a bit. It's part of the whole maturing thing, right?

But I digress. Anyway...

So instead I have this big stretchy thing slung over one shoulder that holds bug snug up against my chest. Sure I look like a complete dork, but hey I'm a mobile dork. I'm a dork who can pour herself a glass of water, or eat her lunch within an hour of starting to prepare it. Or answer the phone. Check my email maybe once a day finally. You get the idea. Hey, I can sacrifice my self image for mobility. It's not a bad trade. This marsupial type arrangement has a definite plus side.

Though I just might have to start referring to him as my little papoose now.... :)
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