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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reasons Why Feeble Doesn't Post Often Anymore

In case you were wondering

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Hard to type with one hand.

  • Hard to type with one hand on keyboard, one hand holding squirmy baby on lap.

  • Hard to type with one hand on keyboard, one hand holding squirmy baby on lap while said squirmy baby keeps lunging at desk to grab a sticky note Mr. F wrote six months ago that says: "Have a good day today".

  • Can't nurse and type at the same time.

  • Lost too many brain cells watching Oobi on Noggin. (Why are hands with eyeballs so fascinating? Someone explain this to me).

  • Baby has innate ability to sense, while sleeping, that Mommy might actually be trying to do something non-baby related and instantly awakens crying from nap.

  • Hard to think while screechy baby monitor keeps kicking on to broadcast the sounds of crying and little feet (feet that should be napping, mind you) kicking the slats of the crib.

  • Impossible to string words together to form sentences when sleep deprived after bad night of teething.

  • Preferable to use the time to prepare and eat a "two-handed food" (i.e. an actual sandwich) over yet another untoasted whole-wheat mini bagel with nothing on it.

  • Inevitable need to choose unhurried time on the toilet over blogging.

  • When I actually do have a rare moment to post something, Blogger yet again is having database errors, server problems, traffic problems, network errors, fill-in-the-blank-trouble, and is beset by malicious gremlins and attack gnomes and can't publish my post.

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