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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Biting My Tongue

There are a good number of things I've been chomping to write about, but can't divulge without giving away too much identifying information.

Unlike La Petite Anglaise, I don't have to worry about getting dooced from a job, but even that would be easier than dealing with certain family members if I blogged about them.

So I will not write about the unexpected, albeit legitimate, pregnancy which should be bringing more joy than controversy. Nor will I write about how I've had it up to here with people who go to church every time the doors are open and treat their own like dirt. Nor will I even get into how tired I am of people who love to tell gory medical/surgical/accident/terminal illness stories under the guise of giving a "Praise Report".

And I absolutely will not wonder out loud about how it is that a group of immediate family members who all claim to be followers of Christ (myself included) can get their noses out of joint, nit-pick and hold twelve-ton chips on their shoulders better than any poor average godless soul I've ever met.

So if anyone has wondered why I've not been traversing the Christian blog-world and offering up thoughts and comments on the fractious and contentious state of that sphere, it's because I've been dealing with too much of it in my own family lately and I'm sick of it UP TO HERE. Aaaaargh!

There, I said it. God help me and God help us.
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