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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Little Supervisor

Now that Bug's a big eight month old guy he's continually finding new ways to amuse himself. This is good news for me in a way, since I can now accomplish a couple of necessary things while he's otherwise occupied, like empty the trash or sweep the floor. Sometimes the thing I'm trying to do becomes his primary source of entertainment.

The other day he had a marvelous time sitting in his walker watching me sweep. The broom is apparently an amazing thing to the mind of an eight month old. The fact that he hasn't seen one in use very often during his short time on the outside may have something to do with it. He had incredible fun following me around the kitchen and obliterating every neatly collected dust pile with the walker, as if to say, "Ya know you shouldn't leave these where a fellow like me can stumble upon them. See what can happen? Tsk! Tsk!"

After sweeping, I got down on my hands and knees with a Lysol wipe to clean up a few spots (we haven't mopped since before he was born - disgusting but true). As I worked my way across the floor I could hear him chattering away in his native baby language behind me and scooting around. Just as I was finishing up I felt a little hand patting my backside as if to say, "Nice job Mum, but you missed a spot. Snap to it, wouldya?"
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