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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hospital Visit

Just got back from visiting Joy in the hospital. She is doing well, and the sight of her awake and alive was almost enough to make this little ball of nerves I've become unravel completely.

I am so glad I didn't go to the hospital yesterday. Usually I'm pretty good at these things, I'm an old hospital-visit pro from way back. Instead I stayed home and sat by the phone waiting. And eating. I have a thing for crunchy food in times of stress. I call it my crunchy stress food. Apparently this is not an uncommon phenomenon among emotional eaters. But I digress. Yesterday when she was going in, she and her Mum were both pretty emotional. Had I been there, it could have degenerated into a complete sob fest, which wouldn't have done any of us one iota of good. I'm glad I waited until today.

She was pale and looking tired, but true to form, the girl had on a full face of makeup. How she had the energy or determination to make herself up one day after major surgery, I'll never know. If I had to go into surgery, I'd be proud if I remembered to bring my own toothbrush with me. But there she was, all done up. Maybe she wasn't quite as put together, but she looked good, all things considered.

I didn't stay long, since her Mum arrived while I was there. Also, nurses and other medical staff were coming in to check on her, so try as I might to avoid it I just managed to keep getting in the way.

I did manage to get a moment to tell her that I thought she'd been very brave, that I had been a basket case yesterday and that I'm really very proud of her. Then I started getting mushy, which made us both kind of weird, so I put a lid on it. I'm just so glad she's ok.

Thank you God, thank you so much...

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