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Monday, January 17, 2005


We had a house-full of friends and family over last night to watch some football. I am slowly recovering today.

Dear me, when did I suddenly get so old? This is the girl who used to go non-stop and work all night, drinking black coffee and Mountain Dew®. In college I once went about two weeks (during finals, of course) without sleeping in a bed - on the train, in class, backstage, and wherever else I could catch a few winks, but my head didn't hit a pillow. (This is not recommended sleeping behavior for college students or anyone else. Looking back, I'm very thankful I didn't nod of at some point and drive off the road into a ditch!)

Considering I had an incredible amount of personal fortitude in my younger days, I am absolutely flummoxed by how tired I can get after a couple hours of shopping for a football party, never mind preparing for and hosting said party itself. The party was a rousing success, even with the strange assortment of personalities present. Our beloved Patriots absolutely shut down Peyton Manning (sorry dude -- Not!) and we absolutely reveled in it.

By eight PM I found myself to be so incredibly tired, I felt as if at any moment the life might go right out of me and I would be converted instantly into a lump of organic matter. An eggplant, perhaps, or a cabbage. Realizing that a few of the players on the field in last night's game are about my age (33) or older really made me feel like an old lump. When did this happen?

I've got just a few days to get ready for next Sunday's matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I almost couldn't watch last night's game because of nerves - I really didn't know which way it was going to go. This next game could be one for the ages.

I better start resting up now...

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