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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Dagens Nyheter

Andreas Ekström from Dagens Nyheter mentioned this blog in this article about religion and the tsunami. Unfortunately for me, there don't seem to be any accurate Swedish to English translation tools online, so I haven't got any idea what was written, but I do thank Andreas for the visit and for the mention.

Though I have not blogged about the tsunami and its victims in some days my heart continues to be heavy and torn for all those who have been affected by it. There weren't many adequate words to describe my initial shock, and as time goes by I seem to have fewer and fewer things to say, until I am rendered speechless by the sheer enormity of it, the incalculable loss of life and loved ones.

There's been some incoming traffic from that part of the world, so for the sake of those looking for them, below are the links to the tsunami posts that were published as the events of December 26th unfolded.

Here are my thoughts on the tsunami, chronologically, starting with the first post on December 27th.

December 27
Give What You Can

December 28
Don't Anyone Dare

December 29

My sincerest and deepest sympathies go out to all who have been affected by this tragedy. There are no words that suffice at a time like this. May the God of all comfort be with you and your loved ones.

God bless,

UPDATE: (1/9/04, 9:04 pm) A very kind reader emailed the following information about the article:

In short, the article is about God's existence and the question if God could have prevented the disaster in Asia. The article is well written and comes to no conclusion and you are mentioned since you have written something (concerning God's possibility to prevent the disaster) like “After 33 years of living and learning I know enough to definitely say this: I do not know.”

So the article is referring to the post Don't Anyone Dare.

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