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Friday, January 07, 2005

Battle Over the Series Winning Baseball

As a Red Sox fan, it saddens and kind of sickens me to read this.

If Larry Lucchino were smart, he would have let the issue go long before good old first-baseman Minky started sounding off and saying "But I can be bought."

This is like blasphemy to my ears! Essentially our johnny-come-lately defensive replacement is saying that he darn well knows how valuable that World Series-ending ball would be to the Red Sox and the fans. And he's flaunting it.

I suppose no one can fault a man for looking after the financial security of his family. But come on. We're talking about history here. One would hope he'd either keep the ball and treasure it for the rest of his life and generations to come, or he'd gracefully give it back to the team, or Cooperstown. But these days, such displays of magnanimity are rare.

Let's face it, free agency brought many changes to the game - some would argue for better or for worse. I'm not qualified to enter that debate. But as a fan, it depresses me that so many players really don't have a true allegiance to the team anymore, and a uniform was just that - something worn to work and shed at the end of a day.

I wonder what Johnny Pesky thinks of Mientkewicz's comments? I wonder what he thinks about grown men squabbling over a ball. I'll have to get my Dad's take later on. He grew up watching the Sox in the forties. I know he'll have a few choice words on the matter, or at the very least, he'll shake his head in disgust.

Personally speaking, I don't care who ends up with the ball. The memories I have of watching that last out will always be fresh in my heart. I'll never forget the incredible emotional roller coaster of coming back from three games behind to beat the Yankees (which was the sweetest part of the whole ride, if you ask me).

This is a story that should not be a story, but because it's Boston and it's the Red Sox, it'll become a controversy of ridiculous proportions. As if with the loss of Pedro, Derek Lowe, Pokey Reese, Orlando Cabrera, Dave Roberts, et al, and now Johnson & Pavano signing with the Yanks, we didn't have enough to second-guess and whine about.

I suspected that "The Trio" were getting ready to dump Kevin Millar and keep Minky, but now I wonder. Maybe we could dump them both and put Ortiz back at first, at least temporarily?


At least there are only 44 days left until pitchers and catchers report for spring training...

UPDATE: More on "Ballgate" at Boston Dirt Dogs

REASON TO SMILE: Wade Boggs to wear Sox cap in the HOF

Apologies to non-baseball fans. There is no such thing as an off-season in Red Sox Nation. :)

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