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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Like Saying We Asked For It

Michelle Malkin comes to the defense of my capital city by taking Sen. Rick Santorum to task for his ridiculous and ill-formed judgments regarding the origins of the priest sex abuse scandal.

Thank you Michelle.

It's Santorum's kind of logic that blames a rape on the victim's clothing and ignores the fact that the rapist was the one who committed the vicious criminal act. It is irresponsible and reprehensible. Hundreds if not more are suffering a severe crisis of faith, and blaming themselves for not having seen it, for not having done more to prevent it. To add to that this kind of blame, to even infer that Massachusetts children and families all brought this upon themselves because of their liberal leanings? Well you'd be hard pressed to find a more low-down, cheap political shot than that.

His comments say far more about him than they do about the people of Boston and its surrounding towns. I hope his own consituents consider that and remember it well come election time.

One would hope he apologizes to the hundreds of victims in the greater Boston area, and that right quickly. I pray to God he never has to know what it's like to endure the suffering and agony that so many parents, spouses, brothers, sisters and friends have while trying to help their loved ones cope and survive the long term effects of their abuse. But if he ever did, maybe he'd see the plight of these victims and their families in a whole new light.

Walk a mile in our shoes Senator Santorum, just one lousy, rotten, stinking mile.
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