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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fed Up With F-Bombs

Is it just me, or is there a huge obsession with the F-word in the Christian blogosphere?

If I read one more blogger trying to prove his or her Christian hipness by dropping an f-bomb or two, I'm going to throw up. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, GROW UP PEOPLE.

There appears to be a prevailing attitude among some that being potty-mouthed makes us less threatening, less holier-than-thou, and therefore more approachable. Swearing Christians are cool Christians, or so it seems today. It is almost regarded as a compliment when someone says, "Gee, I can see Jesus in you, but you say f@#% too. Wow!"


It is argued that this word is so common today that it lacks the power to offend. Let me tell you something, it's still an offensive word. It might not be a sin to say it, but it's still uncouth. Manners should still count for something and good ones should be the norm, not the exception. I don't care what your theological persuasion is. This is just universal common decency.

Suppose a bunch of people decided it was no longer offensive to chew with one's mouth open? Pick noses in public? Lift a leg and fart with gleeful abandon? Maybe none of those things are sins either, but it certainly doesn't contribute to the enlightenment or refinement of society. I put cursing in the same category. It's just something polite people don't do, regardless of the audience or the situation. It only serves to cheapen our conversation and our image.

Listen, everyone has had a moment where they let something fly without thinking. It happens. My beef is with those who intentionally pepper their writing and conversation with it in an attempt to differentiate and distance themselves from legalistic believers. It seems to me there are more thought-provoking and intelligent ways to do that than just going off on a blue streak.

Why is there such a move afoot to equate bad manners with authenticity or genuineness? Being bad mannered is just being bad mannered. If you want to be "real", then be yourself. Speak as you would speak. Be interested in the person whom you are addressing. Love them. Be open, honest and forthright in all matters. Live justly and walk humbly. That is enough to show the world you're not like everyone else, and that though you are made of the same stuff, there is a treasure in you that is like nothing else they've ever seen.

It disturbs me that more and more writers and artists are so blase about it. Instead of coming up with something truly interesting or riveting, they just throw out a few expletives to spice things up. Oh, you say, but the cable shows and movies have been allowing it for years now. Yeah and it's a shame. That proves nothing but that there are a lot of bad, unimaginative, and unconscionable writers in the business.

Far be it from me to trample on anyone's Christian liberties. However, I respectfully submit that this has far less to do with being a Christian or being at liberty than it does with just using the brain God put in our heads to keep all our communication civil and decent. Is that so hard?

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