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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Uh-Oh. It was bound to happen, it finally did.

A friend called the other night to ask for the URL to my blog. I had to politely turn him down. When I started this back in November, I did it with fear and trembling because I knew I was doing to end up ranting about things that I didn't necessarily feel safe sharing with real life family and friends. Being completely anonymous does not absolve me from my personal responsibility to not libel or slander anyone, but it does protect me from anyone inferring that I'm necessarily talking about *them*. The last thing I need right now, as I'm trying to sort through some rather conflicting emotions about church, faith, my life, etc. is well-meaning but very subjective input from my dear Family and Friends. They have enough time and opportunity to let me know what they're thinking and to hear me out. But this space is just for me (and a few hundred of my closest strangers! :)

Anyway, I turned him down flat, and felt badly about it. I did tell him that right now, Mr. Feeble is the only person I trust in my real life to read what's written here, and to please not take offense. I did try to explain why I'm trying to keep this for myself just for now, but I'm not sure he understood. Maybe in time, after I work through some things, I'll feel differently. But for now, this is the way I need things to be.
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