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Thursday, January 20, 2005

He Must Have Mixed Up His Red and Blue States

I thought the threats Osama bin Laden made before the election targeted the "red states". What on earth would he be thinking then, sending a dirty bomb to Boston, MA?

I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone in Al Qaeda would want to target Boston. It just doesn't make any sense to me. It seems more likely they'd instead use it as another staging ground. There aren't that many people here (as compared with the US's larger cities) and a large percentage of them are more against the US war on terror than Bin Laden himself!

More information here and here.

It's unsettling to consider that my favorite city in the world could be under the gun. We live about thirty or so miles north of Boston, though Mr. F works about 15 miles north of Boston. So far the details sound rather sketchy, as though it could be a hoax. I certainly hope so. Thankfully most of our family all live north of here in New Hampshire. We'd be the closest to any kind of impact.

Please pray for us, for wisdom for those conducting the investigations and for the safety of all concerned. Thanks!

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Update I: The search is still ongoing for the six people in question, but local news stations are trying to downplay the terror threat, saying it still remains uncorroborated. WindsOfChange has been following events closely, as has the Backcountry Conservative

Update II: Samia from Redneck's Wife points out that terrorists don't discriminate between Republicans and Democrats. Aye, this is true. Just to clarify, I was trying to be a bit humorous (which is often how I deal with crisis, strangely enough). Of course the terrorists wouldn't discriminate. To them, the only good American is a dead American - let's not kid ourselves.

But I was making a reference to statements allegedly made by Osama bin Ladenjust prior to the November elections in which he made a series of veiled threats to individual states. It was interpreted by many that bin Laden was threatening the security of states that voted for W. So when I heard the terror alert yesterday, my first rather twisted reaction was that if it was true, bin Laden must not know much about Massachusetts' residents voting habits!

Parting thought: I worried this morning: if something did happen here, would we get *any* sympathy from all the red-staters? Would some say "you got what you deserved you lilly-livered peace activists"? Would others say it was God's judgment for allowing gay marriage?

I wonder?

UPDATE IV: Ok, now I'm getting a little concerned. Boston.com is reporting that the FBI has added 10 more names of Chinese nationals to the list of those being sought for questioning. No reason was given as to why these new names were not released with the original four. Michelle Malkin is also tracking this new development.

LAST UPDATED: 1/20/05 8:36 pm - FBI now seeking 10 more individuals in connection with Boston Terror Alert
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