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Saturday, January 22, 2005

This and That

Haven't had my morning coffee yet, so what follows is a random series of brain bits and half formed thoughts.

I'm glad some people are standing up for Spongebob. Thanks for being a voice of reason, Rebecca. I don't watch him much, but I have an affinity for weird little things.
* * *

I knew there was a reason I liked Joe Missionary. I can always appreciate a Christian who's not afraid to admit they have skeletons in their closet (Though Joe's is among the cooler skeleton stories I've heard.) Everyone does, few are willing to fess up! I started out a goody-two shoes myself until I started drinking around age 13. It was all downhill from there...

* * *

It's going to snow again, buckets. Last I heard we're looking at up to a foot. It's starting sometime tonight and continuing on through tomorrow. Oh, joy.

* * *

Can't wait for the Patriots-Steelers AFC Championship game tomorrow night. I think the Pats might pull out a win, it's going to be intense though.

* * *

Things have gotten quiet about the whole Boston terror threat thing, which is very good.

* * *

My family is split on the Bush inauguration. One family member was appalled by Peggy Noonan's critique of the inaugural address. (I thought it was spot-on.) Another spent a good amount of time yesterday (as did I) reading up on Kirbyjon H. Caldwell, the Bush family's Houston-based pastor who gave the inaugural Benediction. It explained some things for me and confirmed some hunches. More later, maybe.

* * *

There is a tremendous difference between having religion and having faith. Growing up, I thought only Catholics were subjected to having a faithless religion (my entire family is Catholic and they exemplified this sort of adherent; your experience may be different). Wasn't until later that I learned Protestants are just as susceptible to having a "form of godliness". Today, half my family have faith, the other have religion with a smattering of faith.

Is it me or does there seem to be a timeline where a new believer starts out in faith, gradually becomes churchy and hyper-legalistic, then disillusioned, and then faith-filled again? That's been my experience, and I see history repeating itself now with other believers in my family. I'd be curious to hear from you if you think there is some sort of natural progression or timeline like this. What's your experience?


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