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Monday, January 24, 2005

What a Blizzard Looks Like

This is the view looking out our front door during the height of the blizzard Sunday morning. The darker spot in the corner is snow that had drifted up over the storm door. You can just barely see a dark line - that is the edge of the front steps where the wind blew the snow away.

The snow started Saturday afternoon and the intensity picked up pretty quickly. Overnight, a town not far from us reported that they got four inches of snow in about twenty five minutes! The local meteorologists were comparing this storm to the legendary Blizzard of '78, which I still remember. For us, I don't think it was as bad as 78 was, but some towns much further south really got walloped - three feet of snow with drifts as high as 8 feet!

Boston is still under a state of emergency and pretty much all the schools and colleges in eastern Mass are closed today, some will still be closed tomorrow as the cities and towns try to figure out where to put all the snow that they are trying to remove from streets and sidewalks.

Seems to me we have it much easier today. In 1978 we didn't have snow blowers, and I still remember my poor dad and brothers breaking their backs trying to dig three feet of snow out of our driveway. It took Mr. F and I considerably less time to dig ourselves out Sunday afternoon. We love our snow blower. One of the wisest things we ever did was to factor in the cost of a snow blower when we were figuring out what we could spend on a home. We bought just after we moved in, and it sat in the garage for a few weeks before it ever got put to use. Watching the scenes of frantic shoppers queuing up at home improvement stores desperate for snow blowers just confirmed to us again that it was money well spent!

Because we did such a good job clearing the two-plus feet of white stuff from our driveway yesterday, Mr. F trudged dutifully off to work this morning. In 1978, we were home from school and my dad was home from work for a couple days. The Blizzard of 2005? Eh, this was nothing! :)

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