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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Praying for Tedy Bruschi

Local Boston TV stations and Sports Illustrated are reporting that Patriots defensive linebacker Tedy Bruschi was hospitalized at Mass General this evening after complaining of severe headaches.

While he is reportedly in good condition at Mass General, further details are not available. Additional tests are to be performed tomorrow.

Mr. Bruschi is an incredible team player and an inspiration to all of his fans. On January 10, SI honored him in an article entitled Every Team Needs a Bruschi. Bruschi's single minded devotion to the game, the team and his fans is so rare in today's sports world.

Tonight my prayers go out to him, his lovely wife and their three children. Praying also for the medical staff attending him.

We love you Tedy! Get well soon, and get some rest!

UPDATE: Dear Lord, I hope this isn't true. The Boston Herald is reporting this morning that the 31 year old Bruschi may have had a stroke. This article claims he temporarily lost vision in one eye and suffered some partial paralysis:

Several sources said the player had been rushed to the Boston hospital by ambulance from his home in North Attleboro and may have suffered a stroke.
One source said Bruschi had suffered a stroke, but it appeared to be a minor stroke since he was being treated at the Phillips House rather than in a critical care unit.

I was hoping perhaps it was just a bad migraine, but it's starting to sound much more serious.

UPDATE 2/19/03: Tedy did have a minor stroke, but he has since been released from the hospital and is continuing his recuperation at home with his wife and three boys. It is unclear whether or not he will be able to return to football, but we're all just so relieved he's alive and doing better. Those little guys need their dad!
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