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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thank You

For most of my life I've been the person with the terribly low self esteem who would cringe when complimented. Worse, I would try to respond by trying to deny the compliment was true. "Hey, you look nice today" someone would say. I'd duck my head and say "no I don't". That sort of thing. It's annoying for the person giving the compliment and self-defeating for me. One day a very wise person perceived my difficulty, and gently suggested that I should just accept compliments and praise with grace, however difficult that may be for me.

I am reminded of this today upon learning that I've been nominated for Best Domestic Evangelical Blog (U.S) and Best New Evangelical Blog by Joe Missionary. Rather than express my instinctual, knee-jerk reaction, I'm going to try to follow that wise person's advice.

Thank you Joe, you are too kind. I really appreciate this.

I started this blog (and continue to write it) with much trepidation. I realize that a lot of the things and situations I write about can be rather unflattering to the church. From the beginning I hoped to write as one who was hurt by the church but still loves the church. Regardless of denomination, affiliation or association, I am commanded by God to love my neighbor as I love myself. This includes people who have done me wrong and hurt others in the name of Christ. I don't love what they do, but I love their souls, because every single one of them is someone Christ found it worthy to give his life for. When I write about abuses, my heart is as broken for those caught up in perpetrating wrongs as it is for those who suffer under them. Without God's intervention, forgiveness, and grace, both are headed for terrible trials of faith, or worse.

Since I began writing, I've received far more support and encouragement than I ever dreamed I would (oh me of little faith!). Those of you who read here often have been such a blessing to me, and I'm grateful for having "met" all of you. You've given me courage to keep going on with this, and I can't thank you enough for that.

I'm a little nervous about being nominated in the 1st Annual Evangelical Blog Awards, I'll admit it. All the insecurities come into play, and I find it hard to even write about this (I've been debating with myself about mentioning it here since yesterday). There are also the fears that I might attract attention from those who might misconstrue what I'm all about. But I run that risk every time I post; if I'm not over that yet, I should be!

But it is an honor to me that my blog is well thought of, it touches me very deeply and I am thankful for it.

Now, everyone please pray it doesn't go to my head, and get ready to knock me down a few pegs when necessary. Thank you!

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