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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Surfing Spree

Been doing more readin' than writin' today. Just can't wring out any good brain juice. Instead, I give you an assortment of posts that caught my attention in the last twenty four hours.

Messy Christian asks the question:
Who Are You? who, who, who, who? Yeah I really wanna know!
(Apologies to Pete Townshend & co.)

Joe and Jane Missionary are celebrating six years together - congratulations and many blessings to you both!

Mission Safari is posting about his short aid trip to Sri Lanka in the wake of the tsunami. Riveting.

A darn fine writer should be getting a new job any minute now, if he hasn't already. Good luck Mr. Carter.

Over at Boar's Head Tavern, iMonk paints a pretty accurate picture of revivalist preaching and in so doing, makes me cringe. Been there, done that, could write the book.

Emily at Letters From Babylon gives us a look at my home state of Massachusetts as it used to be. Boy those days are long gone brother.

Whoa. Someone completely misunderstands the name of Phil Dillon's blog. Egad!

Hug a Fundamentalist? Could this be the next big new thing? Maybe it should be?

Blogma provides interesting Calivinist commentary on something called the "cage stage". (Point to ponder: is this phenomenon peculiar to just Calvinists? Methinks not...)

That should keep ya busy! :)

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