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Saturday, February 19, 2005

They Weren't Kidding About Being Exhausted

It's been difficult to motivate myself to stay awake lately, much less blog. It hasn't helped that my mind seems to have become permanently detached from my body.

Last week I had to give up pumping my own gas at the self-serve down the street, the fumes were just knocking me for a loop.(In case you didn't know, EVERYTHING smells much more intense to a pregnant woman. Remember this, and be merciful when applying cologne or aftershave.) The smell of gasoline was just about making me swoon, so I decided to give up (for now) and go a mile down the road to the full serve.

I pulled in, shut off the ignition and rolled down the window to the thirty degree chill so I could ask the attendant for a fill-up. He tapped the little door over the gas cap to remind me to pop the latch. Right. Gotta...open... the...

Where the heck is it? I fumbled with my left hand along the side of the driver's seat looking for the little release latch. Where was it?? I've had this stinking car since 1997, and yet I was somehow suddenly unable to find the stinkin' gas cap lever. The attendant looked annoyed. I started to freak out.

In desperation I opened my driver's side door and said sheepishly, "uh, I'm having ah, trouble finding the release..." My face burned deep red as he leaned over and pointed it out, on the floor in front of my seat. I quickly grabbed the lever and popped the tank. Oh brother!

This is what it's been like between me and my brain lately. Today Mr. F and I went out to do a bit of shopping. When we came home, he noticed before I did that one of the gas burners on the stove was left on. Thankfully I'd at least moved the pan to another burner, but I'd forgotten to turn off the one I had been using. No harm was done, but that one shook me up a bit. I have to try to be more careful and more attentive.

I don't know if the absentmindedness is due to all the pregnancy hormones, or if it's just a byproduct of the extreme tiredness that I'm told is so common in the first trimester. I've been zonking out at the drop of a hat, sometimes feeling like I could sleep standing up. (Perhaps that's been my problem?) It's all rather disconcerting.

Someone please tell me it's not going to be like this for the next 18 years!
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