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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More of the Same

Well we survived the latest storm. Mr. F finally made it home around 8 pm last night, the roads were awful. It's bitterly cold and now we have another big storm to look forward to this weekend.

Lord have mercy!

I should have invested in some snow shoes or something, at least I could actually make use of all the white stuff. Skiing's right out - even if I weren't pregnant, the idea has never appealed to me. Slap two sticks on your feet, get dragged up a mountain then try not to get killed on the way down. Not being the most graceful of people, I am sure I have spared the lives of many innocent by-skiers by not taking up the sport.

We could make a few platoons of snowmen. Maybe a snow fort or two. Or three. It might be a little late, but perhaps we could make some money by building our own Ice Hotel in the back yard. How much would you pay to sleep on a block of ice for a night? I thought so.

If this next storm does hit Friday night, I think we're going to have to fight back. I'll crank up the thermostat, put on some Reggae music, fill up the kiddie pool in the middle of the kitchen and make some virgin daiquiris. We'll put little Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts on the cats. They'll *love* that, I'm sure.

Anybody else got some ideas on how to beat the never-ending winter blues?
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