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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

More Snow

If there are daffodils blooming and warm breezes blowing where you are, please don't tell me.

It's snowing here. Again. Currently I'm sitting here typing to keep my nerves together while I wait for Mr. F to make it home safe and sound from work. It's going to be a long wait.

What started out as heavy rain this morning (what a wonderful sight, to have real, honest-to-goodness RAIN for once!) turned into very heavy snow around two o'clock this afternoon. The winds are gusting, blowing the snow sideways. There'll be yet another 6-10 inches on the ground before all is said and done. There's a good four inches on the ground already and the roads are a mess. I'm hoping Mr. F is able to get home within an hour's time, but the traffic reports are not encouraging. Looks more like it could be an hour and then some. Poor Mr. F!

It really is getting ridiculous around here. Last week we got two storms totaling around 6 inches or more. This week we're faring no better. It's times like this I kick myself for settling in the notorious snow belt known as "North and West of Boston". If Boston gets an inch or two of snow, we get six to eight. It's been this way my whole life. Why do I live here again?

Anybody else remembers what happens to the Torrance family in the Shining? Heeeeeeere's Feeeeeble! Somebody hide the knives!

Ok, it's not that drastic, not by a longshot. But you do start to lose your mind after a bit. The worst part is hearing from folks in other parts of the country who are already enjoying spring flowers, green grass and leaves on trees. If such things exist within the geographical confines of the country in which I live, I don't want to know about it, okay?

While my rational mind understands that the good Lord created this beautiful world we live in, and it is indeed good, my patience really runs thin with His climate & weather pattern designs. I understand snow has a very beneficial purpose, namely to keep plants, shrubs and tree roots insulated and hydrated during the bitterly cold and dry winter months. My logical mind understands and in my better moments accepts that. But right now I'm having a hard time seeing a single blessed thing that is good about snow in March!

Around here we always say that if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb - meaning that ferocious weather in the early part of the month eventually gives way to more tranquil, springlike weather in the later half. Of course even so, it can and has been known to snow in May around here. Maybe spring is eventually on the way, but I'm not holding my breath.

Checking the weather for the rest of the week: another "significant snow event" is due this weekend. Oh joy, joy. At least Major League Baseball's spring training has begun. I can pull all the blinds to shut out the wintry wildness outside and gaze longingly at emerald beauty of City of Palms Park as my beloved boys of summer take to the field.

Just a few more weeks 'til spring, just a few more weeks 'til spring...

UPDATE: He left at 6:30. It's now 7:16 and he just called to say where he was en route. From the sounds of it, tt may be 8 or 8:30 before he gets home. :(
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